History of IT Parks in Chennai


IT parks play a predominant role in shaping the new India. Software Industries are in need of huge places with good infrastructure to house the employees and welcome the foreign partners. Tidel Park is the joint venture project of TIDCO and ELCOT. It is 13 storied building rated as the largest IT park in the country. The built up area of Tidel park is 1,280,000 square feet. This building has 9 elevators and 6 escalators. There is another tidel park at Coimbatore with the area of 1,713,000 square feet. Next, to Tidel Park Olympia tech park is the oldest one located at Kathipara junction. It consists of three towers Citius, Altius & Fortius. Bahwan Tech Park is located at OMR road with easy connectivity to the IT people. Let me have a glance at some of the IT parks in Chennai.IT parks are reducing the burden of Business people by giving office for rent in Chennai.


Tidel Park – 2000

Olympia Tech Park – 2006

SRM Tech Park – 2008

Bahwan Cyber Tech – 2006

IITM Reasearch Park – 2008

ETL Infrastructure Chennai one – 2006

TEK Meadows – 2006

Quanta Engineers – 2006

Ascendas Stage – 2010

ASV Suntech Park – 2006

If we check the year of establishment of these IT parks then we get to know that IT parks came into existence only after the year 2000. This illustrates the growth and changes happening in Chennai. So in the coming years, we are going to visualize many changes. Increasing industries need fully furnished office space for rent in Chennai.

Future of IT Parks

Tidel park 2 is jointly promoted by Tidel park ltd and DLF. Tidel park 3 is likely to come up at pattabiram with 45 acres of land.  So because of the increasing number of IT parks Chennai is expanding with many gated community apartments are constructed at city outside. Rajiv Gandhi Salai, also known as Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) or IT Corridor, is a major road in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, beginning at the Madhya Kailash temple in Adyar in South Chennai and continuing south till Mahabalipuram in Kanchipuram district, ultimately merging with the East Coast Road. This Road is Planned especially for the IT sector. Fully furnished office space for rent in Chennai is the need of many companies.  Many IT parks have projects to start in the OMR Road. We are going to visualize big change because of this changing Industrial growth.

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