How Is The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Calculated?

People immigrate from their origin to other countries for opportunities, careers, and a better standard of living. Recent studies reveal that yearly around 43% of the Indian population immigrate from India to western countries.  It also says that one-third of the immigrants live in 20 different countries, and many immigrants choose the United States compared to others. Hence, immigration is a tedious process and needs a lot of preparation. One of the immigration places people choose is Canada. People willing to settle in Canada need to create a profile in the Canada express entry. The express entry is a program with numerous applicants waiting for the invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. So to apply for the express entry program, the candidate needs to have a good CRS score. The CRS is a merit-based system used in the entry express to rank higher among the applicants in the program. The entry express is so famous, so the CRS score helps the candidates in the ranking process. The Canada Pr Consultants In Chennai make sure candidates get ECA and legal credentials for the express entry program. Therefore, in this post, listed below the steps in the comprehensive ranking system.

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