Seven best job profiles in CCNA

Technical Support Engineers:

Nowadays, technology is developed, and constant support and advice are essential for customers or clients working with any organization. This CCNA job will help to troubleshoot the organization side of all doubts on the technical side. If you are a CCNA engineer, you can have access for technically or by remote. In order to troubleshoot and offer support to clients’ requirements, you can do the client’s computer systems or networks resolve with your source. 

Technical support engineers can maintain the process of customers’ systems because they work as IT tech support. According to the pay scale – the minimum wage of the technical support engineer is around. 1,00,000. If you are mesmerized with the technical engineer profile, then join FITA Academy, They provide excellent coaching about CCNA Course In Chennai. When you complete your course they will provide the best placement assistance which will help you to get a good job with a decent salary.

Systems Engineers (Fresher):

System Engineer is the beginning stage of entering a CCNA career. From your beginning stage, you don’t have access to routing and switching devices. However, you can work with security purposes like firewalls and Routers. And also this profile gives support in WAN and LAN and other basic technical teams to your company. You have to respond to the tickets and maintain the documentation purpose and other notification alerts. According to a report on the pay-scale, the lowest wages of the System engineers(freshers) is Rs. 1,03,000.

3. Systems Engineer

Every company around the globe today needs the administration of various devices, systems, and infrastructure. CCNA certified network engineers will be knowledgeable of the infrastructures that are installed. They must maintain the security and backup of the systems and provide assistance at the third and second levels within the company. Based on Pay Scale The minimum wage you can expect as a systems engineer is approximately the amount of Rs. 1,47,000. We provide the CCNA Course Online through this lesson you will grow your knowledge with flexible time.

4. Network Administrator

Do not confuse this with systems administration, however in smaller companies they will be expected to assume the responsibility for both system administration as well as the administration of networks. To be precise for network support, as an engineer, you’ll be required to manage the entire equipment and software as well as assure smooth operation of your company’s infrastructure for the network. It’s one of the most sought-after jobs.As per Pay Scale The minimum salary you could be expecting for an administrator of networks is 160,000 rupees. 1,62,000.

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5. Information Technology (IT) Manager

The IT Manager has to manage and manage all operations of the IT department within an organization. The job of an IT Manager will not just require knowledge of data processing, operations , and systems, but additionally test your understanding of managing systems and the administration of server environments that are virtualized. Based on the Pay Scale The minimum amount you can anticipate for IT Managers is around 329,000 rupees. 329,000.

6. Senior Network Engineer

A team of IT specialists in every company is dependent on the principal network engineer to ensure smooth operation in their infrastructure IT. This job will require you to plan and implement, then install, maintain and help support the infrastructure within the established configuration. Additionally, you will be expected to adhere to the rules and procedures of the policies of change management. According to the Pay Scale The minimum wage you can be expecting is approximately the amount of Rs. 362,000. 

7. Network Security Specialist

The principal role of a security expert is clear, it is to guard your IT infrastructure from threats to it. You’ll be required to spot, stop and fix any issues that pertain in the safety of the infrastructure of your company. Alongside the knowledge that you can acquire, an ingenuity level to identify weaknesses and speed to fix them is a requirement of a successful job’s complete. Based on Pay Scale The minimum wage you can be expecting for a security expert in the network is around 367,000 rupees. 367,000.

There are many other job opportunities you can get when you have completed a CCNA certification. The titles can range from switching and routing engineers as well as video and voice engineers, support technicians, or data associates. Enterprise networks are huge, and they can depend on both WANs and LANs and require multiple levels and extremely-specialized skills. With CCNA you will be able to use Cloud, Cyber Ops, Collaboration, Data Center, and many more. These abilities must be learned even if you already have an exceptional level of ability to meet the diverse needs of the profession. If you are living in Coimbatore then enroll in our CCNACourse In Coimbatore. Where you can learn the CCNA course at an affordable price.