What is Software Testing And Its Purpose?

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process of testing the software to find the software’s defects and errors to make the software error-free. 

It involves using manual or automatic tools to evaluate one or more properties of an application while running software/system components. Software testing aims to identify bugs, gaps, or missing needs to meet the requirements. Join the Software Testing Training in Chennai at FITA Academy to create software without bugs.

What is the Purpose of Software Testing? 

The purpose of software testing is given below:

1)To find the bugs- Software testing aims to find the bugs in an application or software. It is done to find the bugs which are hidden in an application.

2)To create error-free software- Software testing is done to develop an application error-free. It is vital to create software without error. 

3)To build quality software- Software testing is done to make quality software without many defects to the end user. To produce high-quality software, one can use this testing process.

4)To meet the Software Requirement Specification-Software testing is done to meet the software requirement specification. It is essential to meet up with SRS during the software creation process.

 To create an application with the help of SRS, use the Software Testing Online Course.

5)To meet the end user needs-Software testing is done to meet the end user needs of who will use the application at the end. To meet the end user who is going to use the applications.

 6)To create customer satisfaction- Software testing is done to develop customer satisfaction using an application without defects. One can achieve customer satisfaction by completing an application with customer satisfaction. 

What is the objective of testing? 

The main objective of software testing is to make sure that the testing is done correctly and that the system is ready for use. Good coverage means that testing was done to cover various areas such as application functionality, compatibility with the Operating System, hardware, and different types of browsers, performance testing to test the application’s performance, and load testing to ensure that the system is reliable and should not crash or have any blocking issues. 


Creating software without error or bugs is the goal of software testing. It is necessary to develop an error-free application. To make the best use of software testing, one can create the application without much error and meet customer satisfaction. To meet the customer requirement of creating an application error-free, join Software Testing Course in Bangalore.